Thursday, 5 April 2012

F is for Fear

When looking at my family health history I find myself considering my health own and mortality .  Both grandmas had dementia but died of unrelated conditions, My father died from a muscle wasting disease at 63, mum has dementia, there is high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer in other family members.  The older you get there are more muscles that you realise you had - because they all ache!

I understand it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be beset with ill health, but I do wonder why after 40 years I suddently am intolerant to wheat and dairy.  We can begin to walk around in fear as we wait for something to happen to us.  Fear is such a negative emotion and instead I try and focus on the things that I can do and the impact that I can make today!

I am inspired by those who live independent to a ripe old age, check out Alice Herz Sommer  She is 108 years old and has maintained all her faculties, plays the piano and has a good outlook on life.

Even with dementia I have faith that with the right support mum has a good standard of health and well being, and for myself I will make every effort to take the necessary breaks and look after my own health.  We cannot fear what we don’t know or what hasn’t happened.  Life brings so many opportunities and I guess I have the opportunity to spend quality time with mum and cherish these times.

Words so far....

A is for Alzheimer’s, B is for Behaviour, C is for Carer, D is for Dependant, E is for Enough

These posts are part of the A-Z Challenge taking place during the month of April.  I have been sharing about my experience as a carer to a mother with Dementia.  If you would like to know more join the Arts in Health Network and also check out my website for information on some of the work I have done with Creativity and Dementia.
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