Thursday 23 September 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

Come and join me for the latest episode of Arts and Wellness Café 

In this episode I include how I find keeping a journal is useful.  I had read the Artists Way many years ago and I started to do my 'Moring pages' which is 3 pages of continuous writing first thing in the morning.  I found it really useful to get out my ideas and every now and then I wrote out some really great nuggets of inspiration.

I also examine my interpretation of the differences between a collector and a hoarder.  I thought there were some massive difference, I still do ( I am not sure my family would feel the same way though lol).

For the Art Journal page it is time for us to 'Spread our Wings and Fly and you will see how the page develops.  My main supply used in the Neo-Colors

Tip for the Week - Give yourself time to Create

I give myself time every day to do what I creatively want to do in the studio. So if you give yourself a portion of time you never then feel like you have been robbed or you haven’t got anything done.  I have a range of different things that I would like to try but don’t have the time.  

If I schedule a bit of time for myself I can just enjoy doing that thing or enjoy say working in an art journal or playing with a new supply without any pressure and then you still got time to get on with the work but you have to give yourself permission you have to say this is the time that I will schedule for myself and you stick to it.

You must not do other things in that time like going to hang out the laundry but you need to stick to the time that you have chosen.

You will find that you definitely will grow if you start to do it over a period of time, and you can compare to see how much you are getting done and the quality of your work from when you first started 

Question of the Week - What one nice thing can you do for yourself this week?  This is something you need to think about as we often leave ourselves to last or over look ourselves.

Spotlight Artist of the Week 

We take a look at Rachel Bellamy, Artist and you can check out her new course - The Joy of Motif HERE

Here is an example of her work...

Thank you for joining me, looking forward to hearing what 'nice thing' you are going to do for yourself.

Creating in Faith Podcast Episode - Helpful


Listen to the Podcast episode Below

Welcome to Series 3 of Creating in Faith, this is Episode 34 and the word for the Week is Helpful.  What is it that you are doing that could be described as helpful, is it your art, creativity, something in your personal life. Join me on the podcast today. 

You can then join me in the Arts and Wellness Cafe on my YouTube Channel which takes the idea of the word 'helpful' and takes it a bit further along with an Art Journal Page, Tip of the week and Review!

Check out my new solo art course - How Does Your Garden Grow -

I am also teaching in: Year in Color Summit -

Check out the Arts and Wellness Café videos each week which further explores the words

You can also catch me here :

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Thursday 16 September 2021

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Running in the Deep

Watch the Video

Welcome to the Arts and Wellness Café - in todays episode the topic is the word 'Deep' and we look at the layers we can go within our creativity.  

Are there layers to your work and have you been avoiding going 'deeper? I share an art journal page and review of Graphite Tint water-soluble pencils

You can check out the Graphite tints and other links below
Graphite Tints -
Podcast Video -
Dover Stencils -
Collage Lab Book -

Have you found your style? It took me over a year with practice to get an idea at the kind of images I wanted to create, then I had to let go and see what wanted to be brought forth - If I listened what would I create?.

A combination of what was inspired and what was in my subconscious. It took a while before I felt comfortable and it still takes a while to understand the messages or stories that want to be told in the piece of work.

Art Journal Page using graphite tints - Treasure

Tip for the Week

In Tip for the Week I share what might happen if you ask yourself the question 'What if'  If you followed it through where would it lead you.  What if you could create anything you want or try any medium.  How about applying for that opportunity and going for it even if you feel nervous or scared.  The time is now to 'step out of the boat and soar'!

Question of the Week

I also ask in Question of the Week we think about the things that we have been hiding from ourselves.  What is that for you?

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Creating in Faith - Developing your Creative Practice


Join me on Creating in Faith - Developing your creative Practice as we explore the word 'Deep'

What are the messages that you share within your work, do they have a story to tell just waiting for the opportunity for you to tell it.

You can also catch the Podcast episode -

You Art Amazing - Art Journal Page

It was great to be part of the Artsy Second Sunday video hop yesterday, if you missed it you can see how it developed below.

We meet every second Sunday of the month and you can join us in the live chat as we create.

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Saturday 11 September 2021

Spill Your Art Shorts - Finding Inspiration - Episode 6


It was great to be part of the Spill your heART discussion on finding 'Inspiration hosted by Nathalie Kalbach. We looked at where we found our inspiration as artists, tips that we had to share, what keeps us going and more. You can check out the full discussion HERE


Nathalie also hosted Creative JumpStart 2021 an amazing online course with 45 Artists sharing 45 art lessons. It is on sale until 13th September. You can check it out HERE

Arts and Wellness Café - Creative Reflections


Come and join me in the Arts and Wellness Café, where we creatively reflect and consider where we are in the journey.  Are you where you thought you would be or do you need to make some adjustments.

I also share the art journal process of creating the above image, I like prepping my pages of my art journal so that I can come and add to the page.  You can see it unfold in the video below.

Have you taken a look at the book Collage Lab, a great resource to have in your creative stash with lots of hints and tips for not only creating collage but applying it to your work!

You can check it out on Amazon HERE

Stay blessed and be a blessing, would love to have you join me

Friday 10 September 2021

Artsy Second Sunday - September - Faces


It is that time of the month - Artsy Second Sunday!!  Come and join us this Sunday (12th September) for an amazing time with an amazing group of artists.  

You will be able to see how I created this page full of lots of yummy detail.

Check out the link HERE - 

My video premiers at 1pm EST the first video goes live at 12 noon, I have a list of the artists below and their links.

Martha from ilove2paint
Pittsburgh Artist
Eleni S-artstuff
Amanda Trought
Diana Art
Archu's Art World
Nina Fickett Designs
Mixed Creativity by Marie
Britta Mindartdk
Mona L Creates
Peg Adkins Robinson
Shel Paper Ocotillo Studio

You can subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell and be notified when we go live, and you can join us in the chat - it is great to see how the other artists create their work.

It would be great to have you join us!

Friday 3 September 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Up Close and Personal

Join me in the Arts and Wellness Café, where I look at the word 'Personal'. I had started to reflect on the word on my podcast and continue to look at how it relates to my creative activities. I reflected on the word I started to look at what I was doing and my body told me that it was time to step back. You can listen to the podcast episode HERE

There are indeed times when you just need to step away from things if you can and every now and again the constant 'having to post' on social media can take it's toll if you are not balanced and make time for yourself.  Check out the video below:

I share a book review, of the book Collage Lab which is a lovely book to have in your creative library, full of lots of tips and examples for creating.

My art journal page this week is from a piece that I had already started. Unfortunately the first half of the video became corrupted and won't play so you catch the page half way through but you get an idea of how it progressed.

Patrons get to see the video in real time and I talk through the pages. You are always welcome to come and join us - the support starts from as little as $3 per month. There are over 50 'Patron only' tutorials, behind the scenes work, printable coloring and background pages and more!

Art Journal Page

I have a few pieces of art in an exhibition called Amazing Art and you can catch the online exhibition it was originally at St George Parish Church and you can now see the work online and purchase if you see anything that catches your eye - HERE

Thank you so much for joining me, stay blessed!

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