Tuesday, 27 September 2016

She went into the city - I'm Backkkkk!

She came to the city - Mixed media Art - Realityarts

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted, I can't quite believe that time has flown so quickly.  I seem to have so many things on the last two months that I got lost in it all and before you knew it we are at the end of September. 

I do enjoy sharing my posts and things I get up to and will be getting my groove back on and showing you some 'how to' videos using different materials and creating out of recycled materials.  I will share in my next post what I got up to and photos and over the next few weeks share my updated blog schedule to keep you inspired and encouraged and taking a chance - stepping out in faith as you embrace your creative self.  I have more teaching and workshops to share, and more!

This is a painting and video process that I did back in August, and it shows 'Lady Peace' entering the city.  We need peace right now around the world and it takes all of us to bring that to a reality.  We have to call out injustices in all walks of life, in all communities, business, society, it cannot be tolerated.

She came to the city - Mixed media art

We each have within us a unique spark, a gift and treasure that is to share with others around the world.  Don't be hating on others, deal with what you have, don't compare yourself to another, you don't know what they went through to get to where they are - but you have an incredible gift, you just need to know how to use it.

She came to the city to spread peace, love, grace, mercy and hope.  Stay blessed and be a blessing!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Art and Health in Barbados - Magazine Article

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to talk about the impact that Art can have on our health and well-being in a monthly magazine called Better Health. Each month they cover a variety of topics that highlight a wide range of health issues and gives the readership in-depth information and sign posts them to resources to enable them to be proactive in taking steps to improve their own health and that of their family.

I shared my story about my journey and it is funny when you look back over your life and see the many different roads you could have gone down.  I could never have foreseen my current move that brought me to Barbados and I know that every step of the way has brought its highs and lows but in each situation we have to see what the gift is in the lessons we are being shown. If you’ve followed my blog and read some of my posts you will know that I’ve worked in a few diverse fields before becoming an artist.

I think that the common theme that runs through each of the areas of work is wanting to help others  I worked for many years as an Executive Secretary in education, design and then in the NHS before doing my degree in Complementary Therapies.  I focused on Nutritional and Massage therapy because I could see the link between the food that we ate and how we treated our bodies.  I had also lost my father and brother to cancer and my mother was diagnosed with dementia, so looking for a holistic approach to health has been vitally important for me.  I further saw the impact of massage therapy and later art and creative activities including music, dance, theatre and even horticulture, and started to do more research.

I found that art and creativity consistently had a big impact on individuals who either viewed activities in the 'arts, say by going to a gallery as well as those who took part in creative activities, and it really enabled people to express themselves in ways they were unable to verbally, and people were able to say how they felt using a range of different tools and be involved with a creative practice that brought about the feeling of well-being.  This was also the case for those who took part in my 3 year project with the elderly who had varying degrees of dementia.

If you have taken any of the classes I have run as part of either The Journey Within, One BadAss Journal or My Color is Beautiful Art, I try and create lessons that not only get us learning a new technique or creating a lovely piece of art, but also to get us to ask ourselves the questions that we often try to avoid.

Art for me is an integral part of my life and it was such a pleasure to share a part of it in the magazine.  I see art and creative activity as a vehicle for sharing the stories and acting as a bridge between what is told and what is left unsaid and brings out the richness and the passion that is handed down and that captures the imagination of generations.

My journey here in Barbados has only just begun and I hope to share more of our journey, insights, highs and lows of taking that step of faith.  If you want to read the article in the magazine, send your email address to amanda(at)realityarts(dot)co(dot)uk and I will send you a copy.

I would love to hear how art and creativity has impacted on your life and the way in which you use it to tell your story.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Adventure Awaits - Mini Card Transformation Series and Video

Watch the Video below

They say that time will not wait for no man.  Often in my walk as an artist I get the feeling of time running out.  I am always chasing after myself, with so many things that I would like to do, learn and experiment with.  I often find myself becoming overwhelmed with the 'stuff of stuffness'

Stuffness is a word I think I made up, but don't quote me on that.  All this stuff we surround ourselves with, what we really should do is to get rid of them, cut back and focus on the things that really matter.

This little painting is part of my daily practice and what it reminds me to do is stop focusing on the things that perhaps don't look right and focus on that which is to come.

A couple of years ago I wrote on a paper a word for that year and stuck it up in my kitchen, it said 'WHAT IF'.  I feel that the answers to this question are what is on the other end of stuckness!

What if you were able to do all those things that you wanted to do, but convinced yourself that you couldn't.  What if you wanted to change, and to stop the negative voices from rearing their ugly heads?

All you have to really do is let go, take that step, have faith, and you can truly move mountains!

So the question is, what are you stuck in, what do you need to change, to do differently that could potentially change the course of your life - why play small!

Mixed Media Art 'Minis'

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Transformation Thursdays - Mixed Media Art Painting

Transformation - what does it mean to you?  Do you think of dramatic change or small change, is there something that you can think about that you can remember showing this transformation that took place.

For me transformation is about change from one thing to the next.  If we consider the flower, starting from a seed, and after a period of time what emerges from the ground is totally different from what was planted, and will change as it matures into what it is supposed to be..  Change can take place in many different ways.

I see the way that creativity transforms a blank canvas to an amazing work of art.  I would like to think that I am part of the big transformation that takes place, adding my 'two pennies' worth and making a difference in the world. 

These paintings over the course of the weeks that I produced them was about simply looking at a card and creating something totally different.

In each painting a character came forth and had their own story to tell about transformation, and what it could now mean for the life of a painting.  It could be sold, kept in a draw, displayed for all to see with special meaning and purpose. 

Anyway, my girl with the flower has her story of transformation that brought her this far, gracing the pages of this blog and into your homes.  What she cannot express through words she shares with her expression.

Knowing that you can create why don't you get out your favorite art supplies and spend some time playing with colour and texture, it could be the very thing that you need right at this moment.

Mixed Media Art - Girl with the flower
Stay blessed and be a blessing

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