Tuesday 6 April 2010


I saw this  as I was walking to my art session with the elderly and it looked quite unusual as it appeared as if it were growing like a plant along the wall, but obviously its barbed wire. 

This got me to thinking how often we can feel that we are growing in a particular area or have learnt from a situation but we are restricted in our growth either because we have stopped seeing the possibilities or we have taken on board all of the negative that can often come our way and choke a great idea out of us.

We could also look at how we protect our ideas. Sometimes it's necessary to put a protective layer around it in its' early nurturing stages so that it doesn't get trampled and pulled apart and so the barbed wire might be useful in this type of situation.

When our ideas are nurtured and cared for they have plenty of time to grow and develop despite the environment.
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