Saturday 9 November 2013

Recycled Projects - A6 Quinoa and Toilet Roll Journal

OK what do you do with those grains you have in your cupboard that are out of date?

....recycle them - right!  We are not going to put them in the compost bin, we are going to use them in a creative project.  You would have seen me use quinoa in one of the capturing moments mini journal that I showed you a couple of weeks back.
Capturing Moments mini Journal - Quinoa adds texture to the front of the journal
I've made another journal using the toilet roll inner tubes as pockets to write on but also use to hold tags to add your own journalling.  The quinoa is glued and allowed to dry, you can paint over it or leave it in its natural state.

This A6 journal also uses a glue gun to write some of the words that are on the front and the back panels and is also added as a border.

You can choose to do a number of things on the pages and have some inspiring messages, photographs or quotes

In the pockets you can have a range of tags in which you can journal, putting your thoughts..

On the front and back covers you can see how I have used the quinoa for decoration.

There is no end to what you can do with the quinoa, and over the next few weeks I will be sharing quite a few ideas...

I hope you have a blessed weekend, and allow your creativity to push back the boundaries in order to allow yourself to really soar! 

Come back on Tuesday to see how I made the Journal in Tutorial Tuesday. Do share creative ways in which you have used recycled materials and leave a comment below.


  1. Thank you for always being so supportive, Amanda. You're such a creative gem in the world. I'm pinning this and as I start working on projects for the holidays, I'll definitely be referring back to your blog (and this post too!)

  2. Hi Sandra, bless you, thanks for your encouraging words. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects!


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