Tuesday, 24 October 2017

31 Art Journal - No 18 - Fabric Journal

Welcome to today's Art Journal.  

This particular Art Journal has been created from recycled fabric combined with paper to give you a firm surface to work on.  Some of the fabric is recycled school uniform, so those who have lots of fabric around you can create an art journal.

I experimented with stitching.  Usually the pages were stitched on one side and then I created an image on the other side.  

I do a lot of faces in my journals and their surroundings, and expression often says so much more than you can say with words.

Working with fabric Journals you can use a variety of material, and they each have different properties and take paint differently so it is worth playing around and experimenting.

Using recycled materials definitely helps the environment and gives the fabric and new lease of life!

Check out the video to see the flip through of this Art Journal.

Remember the Art Journal is for you to do with as you choose and is a great way to work through things that you cannot put into words.  I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the pages in this journal.

The Video

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