Sunday, 1 October 2017

31 Art Journals - Day 1


Welcome to day 1

I have been art journalling for many years now, alongside the other art that I do alongside.  I find art journalling to be a great way to express on the page the things that you may not be able to say verbally.  I have had many journals over the years, some complete, half done or not touched yet and all different sizes.  I have created journals from card, fabric, plastic, there isn't a material that you can't try when making an art journal.

This was one of my first art journals in which I tried to practice different styles and finding my own style

First journals practicing styles

I used it to explore changes that I wanted to see in my own life and my walk as an artist

I also looked at things that I found challenging, around the area of dementia and looking after my mum.  I chose to focus on the positive things, such as my mums love for dancing and music.

The art journal for me was a source of delight as I looked to continue to grow and develop

I spent a lot of time playing around with faces and styles and leaned on other artist as my style began to come forward

 I used the art journal to experiment, In this image you can see the chin of the woman's face to be much larger than the one in the video, It is important to feel free in your art journal.

Before - with chin

After - altered - the joys of gesso!

 Whenever I got new supplies I use my art journal to experiment in, and practice using the supply.

Again trying different styles of drawing enables you to stretch yourself

and help you get to know your supplies

And find different looks that you might want to take forward in a painting or digitally

I also use it when I am trying out things like homemade stamps and create different characters.

Check out my video on this journal

I hope that this has encouraged you to see your art journal in a new light, and that you come back tomorrow to see day 2

Tip - Don't get hung up over what art journal to use

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