Saturday 28 October 2017

31 Art Journals Weekly Tips No 4 - Recaps, Giveaways and bonuses

Welcome to the 4th recap for the month.  We are coming to the final countdown of Art Journals in the Series, and I hope that you have been inspired and managed to make the most of your time and to incorporate some art journaling for yourself.  Remember to check out the Sunday Background videos to give you some really quick ideas for creating a background that you can build on.  

Today we will recap on the videos for the week, think about what might have been your favorite style of journal.  If you haven't had time to check them out during the week and catch up below. 

Lets look at some Art Journal Tips that you can put into practice, I hope that you can find something that will encourage you.

Art Journal Tips

1. Gesso is your best friend, and has many uses in your journal, become familiar with it.

2. If something isn’t working the way that you want it to do some research and find out what you need to, there is so much information and examples, teaching, tutorials online you are spoilt for choice.  Use your journal to help you grow and work through these times.

3. Do not be afraid to try something new

4. Push your boundaries in your journal, this is the perfect place to experiment.

5. Select materials and tools you’re not familiar with and experiment, get out of your comfort zone, you might actually like them.

6. Think about why you want to cover something up, is it part of your process or are you running away from a truth that needs to be expressed on your page

Now for the Video Recap...

Check out these videos if you missed them during the week.

No 21

No 20

No 19

No 18

No 17

I would love to hear from you.  I have one space in the 'Hacking the color Wheel course' that I am teaching on to give away.  Leave a comment here on the blog or on my Youtube channel on your favorite Journal.

I will also be giving away a series of bonuses 

  •  31 Art Journal tips - printable
  • 5 art journal background for you to keep 
  • How to make 4 Art Journals as part of the 31 Art Journal series pdf
  • 4 Background videos for extra journaling ideas

when you sign up for the Hacking the Color Wheel course HERE

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