Friday 13 October 2017

31 Art Journals - Art Journal No: 10 - Gratitudes and Celebrations Journal

Welcome to Journal No: 10

It is great to be able to revisit some of these journals and give them a new life, and share them with you.

Draw me nearer - Journal Page - Amanda Trought

I think this is one of my favorite journals, it has been the most involved one and it is totally handmade.  This draws on inspiration from artist Teesha Moore, and some fabric journals that she shared many moons ago.

The Journal encompasses all the things I enjoy about mixed media, and then I get to play within the pages.  I included a lot of beading and stitching work to cover the front and back of the journal, and added quite a few signatures of alternating sizes.  You can see it in its original state HERE

I did a series in the Gratitude's and Celebrations Journal and in it I would list those things that I was grateful for and complete a journal page.  Can you think of 3 things that you can be grateful for?

Check out the video to see a flip through of the pages.

The Video

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