Saturday, 28 October 2017

31 Art Journals No:21 - Recycled Directories Journal - Grace

Here is another Art journal that has been created from a phone directory

For some reason our local council had a large amount delivered and they were just piled up so I thought it would be great to make something that would be useful.

I had always wanted to make a book with an insert that you could store things in without it being obvious on the outside.

After sticking the pages together I cut out a section that would serve to hold the letters - a series of encouraging notes to self.

There was quite a bit of journaling done in the figures, and the journaling can be done in ways that you prefer.  I didn't create a lot of pages in this journal for this point that I would be using areas in the figures drawn to journal in.  You would be able to get a better view from the video below.

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