Monday 17 June 2024

Material Musings - Mixed Media Art Dolls


In todays episode I share the work I did with some art dolls.  They were part of a lesson on the Making Zen art Retreat and were fun to create.

The Lesson was taught by Mirjam Glieben, you can check her out on Instragram HERE   They were a lot of fun to create and I would love to experiment with them. These pieces had been slow stitched and I added embellishments such as broken jewelry and other additions.

I also completed one of my projects that had been wax resisted and dyed with conventional dye, then I added slow stitching to it.  The final stage is adding beading to it, which you can see me add some seed and bugle beads to the project.  Both the slow stitching and beading are such a relaxing activity, check out the Info graph below which shares the benefits of slow stitching.

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