Thursday, 16 June 2016

Transformation Series - Un-break my heart - Mixed Media Paintings

Welcome to the Transformation Thursday series, which has taken a series of cards of different shapes that were collaged with scrap paper materials and turned into something of beauty!

 It is an easy process that you can do yourselves.  I find that when working with paper there are a lot of larger pieces that get unused, and they are too big or too nice to throw away so I keep it in a box for times like these. 

At this point I had added some of the scrap paper to the card and identified the shape of a figure, used paint to section off parts of the figure.  I really liked the paper that I had used on her body, so kept this unchanged.

These cards came in handy as several different activities and they were the starting blocks for a creative paint activity practice. I didn't have to start from scratch and I could just focus on playing with colors and deciding what I wanted to keep from the papers that had been added.

I will be sharing with you how you too can play and create some fun art cards from whatever you have in your supply in a Free Online Course that I will be creating for July!

I created a video of the process so you can see how it changed over time and you can catch it on my Youtube channel, under the Transformation Series playlist


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For now stay blessed and be a blessing!

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