Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Creating in Faith - Kindred - What do you feel connected to?


This weeks word is Kindred on the Realityarts Podcast Episode 29 of Creating in Faith.  Check out the podcast episode HERE

What do you feel connected to in regards to your creativity? Is it a supply, technique, way of doing things? Are you part of a group of artists, do you have someone to share your joy with?

We often think about our connections and the impact they make to our lives as well as the impact that we make on others. When you think of your creativity how is that manifesting itself within your work. We can sometimes be really connected to a particular art supply because it enables us to express ourselves and the things that are on our hearts.

I found I during the first stages of the 'global event' I was guided to sewing. I found the simple stitches to be surprisingly therapeutic and still do. I was able to quiet down all the chatter and just focus on being present.

It is a good idea to think about your creative activity that will be that for you when you need it. You also need to allow yourself the space to explore what it could be.

What information do you need to access to do what you need to do?  

It is important to listen while we create so that we can really hear through our senses what wants to be manifested. Do not judge the particular activity that you are being inspired to do, just go with the flow and enjoy that moments creative activity and maybe even schedule the regular time for yourself?  Join me on the podcast today.
As we take a look at moving forward in our art and creativity how does the word 'Kindred' impact on you and your world and how you move through it.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts....

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