Wednesday, 17 April 2013

P is for Passionate

I am passionate about my creativity, spending time experimenting, creating new things from old and new, capturing the essence of something with paints, pencils anything that can make a mark.  I am passionate about spending time on my blogs, it has become a way of life talking about what I am getting up to, sharing with an on line community my experiences.
I am also passionate about my family, spending time with them, caring and sharing the ups and downs, our relationships and the memories that we create together, my faith, relationship with God and my spiritual walk and taking the time to understand what my specific purpose in life is and that I get the time and the space to think on those things and leave a positive mark on the world.  I came across a great website called It Starts With Us. and they encourage you to make one small difference (15 minutes or less)  each week to the life of someone else,

Take a look at this video and their site for further information. What are you passionate about?

Painting for the day
Each day I will show a completed piece of art or journal page hope you enjoy today's

 Art Journal Page

 Blog Love

I am sharing some love with those who are also taking part in the challenge, it's not everyone whose blog starts with the letter P, but a few of them for you to start with....

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