Friday, 26 April 2013

W is for Wisdom

I watch my son grow up just as my mum would have done me and my wish for him is to be wise in the decisions that he makes, the company he keeps and the actions that he takes.  There are so many sayings that I promised myself I wouldn't use that I used to hear as a child and sometimes only the old sayings will do as I sigh exasperated at how much he thinks he knows.  'If you can't hear you must feel' is a treasured one that has been handed down which equates to you have decided not to take my advice in this situation and so you will suffer the consequences.

As I have got older I celebrate and have valued the wisdom of the older generation that has helped shape and inform my life, I know there were many things that I could have done differently, and with wisdom I have tried to teach my son knowing that the more independent he becomes he is going to want to learn from his own mistakes.  What one piece of wisdom helped shape your life growing up.

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