Thursday, 4 April 2013

D is for Dream

Mini Chunky Journal 4"x4.5"

'I have a dream'
....the famous words spoken by Martin Luther King...

There are many great inventions today that started out as someone’s dream.  They woke, wrote it down, spoke about it, got excited and took action!  We enjoy many of these things today - the inventions, gadgets, buildings, and songs and more.  I think it is important to try and write down your dreams and have found often a problem that I have been dealing with or something that has bothered me is answered in a dream or an insight to the problem is given.

I once had a dream for an amazing children’s story, along with the illustrations as well and rather than write it down as soon as I woke I thought I would remember the details, unfortunately all I remembered was that it was a really great story and how excited I felt about it (learnt my lesson and write everything down!).  I currently now dream of living somewhere that is warm and in reach of the sea, having my studio overlook my gardens, and the sounds of tropical birds and tree frogs in the distance.  I celebrate today that I can dream and get excited about the dreams of others and one day see those dreams become a reality.  What dreams do you have for your life - or even for the rest of the week?

Painting of the day
Mixed Media Painting

Blog Love
I am sharing some love with a random selection of those who are also taking part in the 2013 A-Z Challenge, it's not everyone whose blog starts with the letter D, but a few of them for you to start with....

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