Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for Sensitivity

Sensitive -
quick to detect or be affected by slight changes, appreciate the feelings of others

There are times where being sensitive is taken as something to be ashamed of and the individual might be criticised with the label 'they are too sensitive'
In our relationships we have to be sensitive to the needs of others and we hope that our needs will also be considered.  This avoids causing upset and hurt and allows relationships to build.  We should also be sensitive to our environment, not only just leaving it in a good state for the next generation, but being mindful of how our actions impact on the environment.  We can be sensitive to the changes in the seasons, coming out of the winter our evenings are much lighter, the sunny weather and warmer temperatures always reminds me of times of growth.    I celebrate my life today that I can be sensitive to the needs of others and do not regard it as a sign of weakness.  How has being sensitive affected you?

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