Monday, 29 April 2013

Y is for Youthful

Millions of pounds are spent each year by people trying to grasp onto their youth, either through the nip and tuck or buying products with the promise of youthful skin and banished wrinkles.  We abuse our bodies through lack of healty practices then want the quick fix that the industry can offer.  Trying to cover up or cutting away the outward appearance to appear forever young.

For me, what is important is to take care of our minds and bodies so that we prevent what comes through lack of care, and that we take each moment as special - making the most of every opportunity.  Life doesn't stop because you reach a certain age, you can look back and with wisdom launch yourself in your next adventure. I celebrate my life today for still being able to laugh and see the joy that is left.  How is your youthfulness expressed? 
Painting for the day 
Each day I will show a completed piece of art or journal page hope you enjoy today's

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I am sharing some love with those who are also taking part in the challenge, it's not everyone whose blog starts with the letter Y, but a few of them for you to start with....

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