Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Give yourself a Boost! - Daily Prompts & Blog Hop Countdown BADASS Art Journal 2017

Give yourself a Boost

Write down all your successes and achievements.  This is one of the simplest was of giving yourself a much needed boost, especially when the going gets tough.  You can see just how far you have come, and every now and then look back over your list and every now and then congratulate yourself.

You have made it, I hope you have enjoyed the encouragements so far.  Tomorrow is my blog hop day, hope you will make it back.

I have been sharing each day leading up to my Blog hop session to remind you just how precious you are, how many were you able to put into practice and what growth have you seen so far?  

BADASS Art Journal 2017

My day for the blog hop is TOMORROW! and I will be sharing with you all the goodies I will be giving away when you sign up using my link here on my blog, I will even be doing a giveaway for one free spot on the course, so do come back and see if you could be the lucky one. 

Don't worry if you have never taken an online course before, you will get lots of support and be around other encouraging creatives.  It is always great to see the amount of love and encouragement that flows through the community, you have nothing to worry about and so much to gain.

If you want to just go ahead and purchase the course you can also get an early bird discount by putting in URBADASS at the checkout to receive the 15% discount .

While your at it, sign up to my Mailing list, you will be getting information about what I am up to in my creative journey, tutorials, giveaways and more and also be in with an extra chance to win a free spot on the course (thought I'd give you a heads up!)

Remember to check out the list of other teachers and join them on their blogs, and have a chance for winning a free spot on the class.

Dec 15 - Amanda Trought  - this is me!
Dec 16 - Keri Sallee
Dec 17 - Robin Mead
Dec 18 - Tiare Smith

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