Sunday, 27 February 2011

New techniques....

I came across Colin Reef site recently, and he inspired me to have a go at assemblage art, among other techniques.  I have realised that as an artist I have found mixed media allows me to express my many areas of interest.  I still sketch every day and on my other blog  I will be showing my sketches and how they develop over the coming weeks. 

I find immense joy thinking about different ideas and techniques for projects. Due to space I can't work on too many at the same time, but I do enjoy having a continuous flow of ideas to work on.  There are some paintings I'd like to do but at the moment they are just sketches in waiting.  I have tried out two techniques that Colin showed on his you tube site.

The first one foil art, this just uses supplies around the house to create the layers underneath the foil. I might make this into a journal cover.  Apparently you can cover anything so will be doing some more....

Here is my first attempt at an assemblage box.  My box started its' life as paint tube container and I have added imagery from stampington magazines.  I am toying between a silver or gold frame which I will engrave.  The gold frame had been initially covered with polyfiller and painted..

This shows you some of the layers.

 A close up of the curtain

I hope to do a few more, been collecting boxes and running out of space around the house, not one to be a horder! artist needs to collect for future ideas, so creative storing is a must.  Been reading Organising Your Craft Space by Jo Packham, perhaps I'll be further inspired, there are some gorgeous studios in the book.  What new techniques have you been trying? be great to see:)  Have a blessed week.
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