Saturday, 1 August 2015

Reflections - Painting with limited supplies

Playing with limited supplies

With most of my stuff making its way around the world I look around my home at the moment and it feels as if we have just de-cluttered.  The reality of the move hasn't yet sunk in.  I had created another blog that I wanted to share the adventure, and I will after I get this weekend out of the way I will be updating it some what and sharing some of the images that I have taken. 

With limited equipment now in my studio - which is looking very bare, (I'll share where I am working at the moment next week) I have limited supplies to work with, some ink-tense pencils, a few tubes of acrylic, a bit of clay - that I can travel with and not take up too much space.  I did this painting first creating a background then bringing the image out.  Every now and again I think it is a useful exercise to limit your supplies and see how you get on.  Pull out some of those least used supplies and give them a new lease of life.

It has been a break from working with the clay, which I love and a reminder that we all need to take stock some times.  To look back on our journey as we plan new ones going forward.  I hope you can join me next week and see how we have been getting on with our plans and all the ups and downs of the decision

For today we think about where we want to go, what we want to do, our journey, our destination and the events along the way that contribute to who we are.  Have a blessed weekend and take time to reflect on your journey!

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