Friday 18 March 2016

Transformation Friday - Art Journal Work

Greetings and good morning and afternoon to all.  I know I probably keep saying this but hasn't the week flown by!  So many things to share, as I begin to write one I am in the midst of another and before you know it a whole month has passed.  I say to myself if I can just put things on pause I can catch up, then I am dazed like a deer in headlights wondering what to share first, then do nothing.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Transformation Friday - Before and After

It is not only that but I guess I have been going through my own stuff as well that started me questioning what I was doing and why, especially when it came to the blog.  I found that I didn't want to share my voice, wondering who if anyone heard it, but realize that if only one person is blessed then at least it has helped someone.  The effort is worth it!
The Critic, came in like a baby but had a vicious side when things didn't go its way

I want to share with you something I have painted today, each morning I try and do at least half hour work in my art journal on a random page, no agenda, no right or wrong, just express through whatever is available.

Change takes time

It started out as just colors on the page, then I thought I saw something coming through.  For me each character on the page has a story, I just didn't know what it was.  I have joined the class - The Storytellers Art  - with Robin Laws and its funny how I now realize that I can tell and share their stories, where they are coming from, and sometimes they relate to the story that my own heart is wanting to tell.

Working on those hard places

The characters come from a variety of backgrounds

Wanting to give up

Sometimes they come just to remind me of something, or share something meant for someone else.

Realizing that you have a story

Other times, they are bringing a message meant for me, that I need to pay attention to, I am learning to listen especially to the still small voice that can come at any time.

Your story matters

There are times when they remind me to follow my dreams, stop comparing yourself, and really allow yourself to soar and be who you were meant to be.

Things can be different

They appear in one form and transform into another.  Like this young lady in the picture.  She shared her story to me of self neglect, and allowing the critic to have the final say in everything.  When you looked at her you only saw the critic who didn't want her true beauty to shine through.

It begins with love

Once she had made the decision to care and nurture herself, love herself the way that she truly desired to be loved her beauty came through and the transformation began.

No matter how you feel

She realized that she had to stop hiding, and putting herself down, as her playing small achieved nothing, and the very lives that she was to impact on missed out on the opportunity of renewed life.

It is a decision

She made that decision that she would love herself the way that she knew God loved her and see herself the way God sees her with so much potential, and abundant gifts and talents to give and be a blessing.

Change the things you can and bless the rest
She made the decision to step out and shake those critics, those demons that haunted her off, and live a transformed life.

Today is your day for transformation - take a look at the 'before' and what do you want the 'after' to look like? what area of your life needs a new lease, a new light, hope and opportunity?  Join me on Fridays as I creatively look at transformation.  Work in your journal or what ever you feel you want to chart your journey, and take that step to change.  I will give you more details as the week unfolds.

Blessings to you and yours for the weekend.  

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