Wednesday, 28 September 2016

She dreamed of a place - Digging up those long forgotten dreams - Mixed Media Painting

Mixed Media Art - Amanda Trought
She dreamed of a place, not so far away, not so long ago, but on a different dimension.  She had been there many times, and in this place she was herself, she didn't have to pretend, she was who she was created to be.

We are all going through some kind of journey and we have to decide how we we can make a difference to those things that we have the power to change.  We have more power that we realize, sitting in a garden of treasure, with the tools in your hand but looking over to your neighbours treasure and asking why you couldn't have a better garden.

All along, all that it would really take is for you to dig a little deeper, show up, be consistent, disciplined and when you least expected it as you wiped your brow it would show up.  Those little glimpses of the treasure.

As she dug deeper she realized that her journey was important, her life had meaning and she had things that she could share, so many things magically happened around her.  She would often take these things for granted. she just needed to get over, round or through herself

I value my journey, my voice, my treasures, my sparks of inspiration, my gifts, talents and abilities, I value me!  I will show up for me, stand in the gap, shine the light, to through the process and continue to dream my dreams

What talents have you been covering up, or playing small and what needs some light shone on it?  I would love to see your comments, stay blessed and be a blessing!

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