Saturday, 27 May 2017

BADASS Art Journal Course - My Session on the Course

I am really pleased to share with you my lesson on the BADASS Art Journal course, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I wanted to show how you could use a surface that you may have not thought of using to create a piece that can be an encouragement while you do it.

I worked on a large playing card and wanted to create cards that you could use and write something that when you look at it on a later date you can be inspired and reminded of what you wanted to achieve.

I also wanted to use words that you could see that would provide instant encouragement.  You also have the different layers and textures that go to show us the many different areas of our lives that we work on.

It was also great to see what the students came up with, each beautiful in their own way and so unique.  

Here is a small selection of the students work, I will be sharing more at a later date.

 It is always great to see how students develop, grow and step out of their comfort zone to find that place where they will allow their creativity to fly.

I have another course that I will be teaching on called Hacking the Color Wheel.  It is split into two sessions and I will be teaching on the 2nd session.  You can purchase the sessions individually or buy a bundle, which is more economical, and you get to see all 14 teachers on the rest of the course.

Such a great line up of teachers!  

Click Here to find out more details

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