Friday, 29 March 2019

Form & Fire Ceramic Exhibition, Barbados

Form and Fire Exhibition brings together 6 Ceramicists based in Barbados and I went to the opening, check out the sneak preview below and meet the talented artists.

In the video Juliana Inniss explains how the group came about

Exhibition opening - Argentina Embassy, Barbados - Artists - Amanda Trought, Ancel Daniel, & Juliana Inniss 
Juliana Inniss finishes her hand-built vessel forms using alterntive firing techniques such as Raku, Naked Raku, Saggar and Sawdust firing

Artist Lynn Haynes
Lynn Haynes throws porcelain vessels on the wheel and embellishes them with flowers and other tropical themes.

Artist Gail Riley
Gail Riley hand builds work from Chalky Mount white clay and indigenous terracotta clay incorporating other local clays as slips

Artist Ancel Daniel
Ancel Daniel hand builds clay masks which are then incorporated into 2D mixed media work

Artist Melanie D'Oliveira
Melanie D'Oliveira works are inspired by tropical fruit forms which.

Artist Martina Pile
Martina Pile's hand built and wheel-thrown work incorporates sgraffito into tiles, bottles and dishes.

A fantastic lineup of artists with a passion for ceramics but their own unique style, you really do need to see the work in person.  

If you are interested in learning about ceramics you can check out the list of books, tools and more on 

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