Sunday 5 November 2023

Do you have a story that could help others? - Soul Hunger Starts Monday 6th November!


Are you ready to Nourish Your Soul, Tell Your Story and Shine Your Light?

You are invited to join me and a whole community of women for The InStory Show Soul Hunger: On Hearing God, Making Meaning and Leaving a Legacy.

Join this powerful free series on Soul Hunger and how we heal that soul hunger by nourishing our souls, telling our stories, and shining our light. When you join the series, you will find that you are not alone. You are standing beside women from all over the world who are finding their voice and sharing their stories.  Starts Monday 6th November 2023

We are here to inspire you so that you can turn around and inspire the next woman who is ready to be seen for who she really is. I thought it was important to participate when Devorah asked me to be a speaker, everybody has a story to tell, and now is the time to tell it.

In this series, writers, coaches, spiritual teachers, artists, body workers, healers and creatives in all fields will help you get clear, unstuck and discover how to shape your story, trust your intuition and access a whole new way to nourish your soul and make a difference with your wisdom and your story.

When you sign up for The InStory Show, you will discover new and powerful ways to:

* Share your wisdom and your story

* Create with more ease and flow

* Trust yourself, your story and your vision

* Bravely find and follow the calling of your soul

* Strengthen and follow your intuition

We look forward to having you join us as you access the power of your imagination, intuition, higher guidance and expanded consciousness!


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