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Mixed Media Artist Amanda Trought

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Who am I
I am a Mixed Media Artist and involved with many different creative endeavors - including - painting, writing, blogging, drawing, photography, crochet, crafting, encouraging, planning, organizing, dancing - like no ones watching and laughing out loud! 

The Journey Began
I got involved in Theater, did a degree in Complimentary Therapies, whilst doing a 'proper job' and worked an Executive PA, I won't knock it as it has made me realize that alongside my creative side I can be very organized and that's alright.  Anyway, I worked in a variety of organizations - education, design and health and picked up nuggets of information and ways of working that are still serving me today.  It's alright to have unity in the left and the right brain.

Knowing what I wanted to do...
Throughout my journey I have always continued to paint and draw and it wasn't until around 2007 that I was given the opportunity to pursue my art, and found mixed media.  I started doing a lot of online courses and connecting with other creatives.  I realised that this was what I had always wanted to do and it incorporated all of my passions, using a variety of materials, creating a wide range of art and tapping into all those creative parts that wanted to be expressed.  This blog represents part of this expression, you have to make time for your art, that shows that it is ok to have more than one passion and areas of interest.

Arts and Healing

I started working with Arts and Health after my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  I needed a way to express what I was facing, to understand and give a voice to the many emotions that showed up and having a family of my own.  This not only helped me, but gave me the opportunity for several years to collaborate with a specialist day care centre in dementia care and other neurological conditions. The Art and creative workshops have proved invaluable as it has demonstrated the impact that creativity, colour and massage therapy all have on these conditions.  Subsequently the work produced has been featured in a conference on arts and health within the Health service - looking at the impact of art on health care. I have been able to use my experience as a carer while combining the creative work and have also been delivering talks to NHS trainee social workers on the impact of the caring role.  I show ways in which art and creativity has enabled me to deal with the role, and generally how creativity is a tool that everyone can use to work through and engage with a variety of situations.

Art and Dementia - Mavis Trought getting involved

Continuing to Learn
The learning never stops.  Having completed a series of courses including Creative Reminiscence and Art activities for recently diagnosed dementia patients I have including my experience of moderate and severe dementia have an all round view of how creativity can impact on health and well-being. I am in the process of developing a range of materials for those who are carers, artists or who work in a health care setting and want to provide creative resources for those who they care for or their staff.  For updated information on my work go to - https://www.realityarts.co.uk/

I have exhibited around London, Barbados and Montserrat and have work in homes internationally.  I have had shows  at the Queens Park Gallery, The Embassy of Argentina, and the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. My work principally looks at the use of color and texture and creative writing and how when combined they can impact on an individual either as a viewer or a participant. I have delivered many presentations and workshops on 'Dementia Care - and the art and creative connection in London and Barbados.  I delivered a presentation  as part of the Montserrat Literary Festival with the focus on how we tell and share our creative stories.  I have been running a range of workshops and seminars on creativity and health that allow the participant to develop at their own pace and examine their own creativity.  You can see more of my work, and learn about my awards on my website - LEARN MORE HERE

Hunters Journey/Tale - Mixed Media Art

Stay in touch, connect, leave a comment, let me know what inspires you, share your creative space with me and see your growth and join me on a creative adventure.  

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