Friday, 15 July 2011

Patience....and being unreasonable

How many times have you started something - raring to go and found you self set back by your over zealous efforts?  Last week I tried to restart my training in earnest.  I was going to do 5 laps round the park, each lap .79 miles.. 
It worked out exactly 3.95 miles and I was going to do it 4 times a week with breaks in between.  Its been part of my ongoing health challenge, and its a lovely park to walk in first thing in the morning, also spending time talking to God is always a blessing.  I started last Monday, it was perfect, I was exhausted for the rest of the day but I was glad I had made the start, and with that excitement I thought it best to invest in a proper pair of trainers that very evening.

On Tuesday I jumped into them like an excited child.  I was amazed  the difference it made.  The last pair of trainers was brought 10 years ago!   I felt like I was floating, couldn't believe my other shoes had been so heavy.  It felt so good walking I convinced myself I should do more than planned....this is where the problem started.   By the time I hit 5 laps I convinced myself that one or two more laps extra were in order,  with my shins and knees hurting...I pressed on.  I did too much too quickly and strained my muscles.  I have been unable to train for 5 days, what this taught me was that I needed a big portion of patience, and should have taken it more slower but was caught up in the excitement of new trainers.  The funny thing is, I had made a plan, knew it wasn't going to be a quick fix but a change in lifestyle, and I jepodised it by not giving myself the time to get used to it. 

How often do we approach things  in our lives wanting quick easy results, just like fast food, or the microwave, it can be prepared and done in minutes.  But we know its not sustaining and you don't feel satisfied or fulfilled.

Whilst limping round the park I noticed the bark of particular trees, some of which seemed like the journeys that I had been on....some were very smooth, some unusual looking...


others bumpy,


....again almost confirming that our journey in life is not always how we expect it, and sometimes they will be much different than we expect or want, but we should still maintain our course and again with patience will get to our destination..  

 The rest of the week was spent celebrating my nephews birthday...

...watching my son training, he's started getting into American football, he's really enjoying himself and I sometimes have to carefully watch his growing football collection....  
He's attending London Blitz and they are based in Findsbury Park, which is a really lovely park.    

I must remember to bring the trainers next time.  Took my mum and she enjoysed the morning, we even got to taste the delights of a handsome young man called Christopher from Martinique who showed us his handmade churned on the spot delicioius coconut spice handmade ice cream (forgot to take a picture! - I was taken back by the spices!  It's worth going back even for that, he's based in the park if your ever down that way.

This week has been spent catching up, tending to admin, and trying some sketches with pen, still doing something every day.  Graphite has always been my favourite, but it's always great to try something different, will post some additional sketches I've done on my other Art blog

I got a blog award from  author Michelle Gregory  do check out her blogs she is a very talented writer and I am supposed to pass it on and list 5 books, movies, or tv shows I've experienced in the last year, which I'll do in the blog awards section.  
....and a lovely mention about my 365 days of colour - Flower of the day by Rasz on her blog she has a great piece on upcycling.

As for the weekend and next week I've decided to be unreasonable......I'm not taking NO for an answer, I'm going to be unreasonable with myself, with any limiting belief I hold about why I can't do something or take up an opportunity.....So here is the first three things I'll become unreasonable about.. 
  • I will stop sabotaging my walking efforts by being patient and building up my strength, I will achieve the health I want.
  • I will get my art together and submit to one of my favourite magazines and do whatever is necessary to complete on time...
  • I will de-clutter on a regular basis and have the creative space I desire....
....there is  a whole lot more on the list but this is a start, what can you be unreasonable about this week? 
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