Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Feeling - Opportunity

The first of the month, what are you hoping for this month? Looking back on the week to see how things can be improved is important for me. There have been a few things that have made me stop and think and the one that has resounded with me is 'opportunity'.

We can talk about all the things we want to do, should have done, goals and dreams that we have/had, but if the opportunity came up would we be ready. What are we doing with our time in order to prepare for those moments? Sometimes the opportunity is not packaged as we want or expect, but being ready means that you are able to step into it, or even consider it and your options.  As an artist, if I don’t paint or do something creative or get on with doing the work I know needs to be done on the business, even some of the boring stuff  -  I won’t be ready when the time comes....I am still expecting the unexpected!  There is the saying 'opportunity knocks once, but failure and doubt lean on the doorbell!' 

In regards to some of the things I did this week, I managed to complete 4 pieces of mixed media work that were at varying stages ..

I was determined to get them done and had to focus on one piece at a time rather than working at all at once - both methods have their benefits for me and my space.  I'll be uploading them on my website and you will be able to buy prints and cards.

My friend Laura had given me an oval frame in one of our weekly creative sessions I started laying down collage material, then the pink paint then the image started to form and this is where I’ve got so far...

I am really enjoying painting this one, and I am using water soluable oils, waiting for it to dry to move onto the next stage.

I’ve also been making my own stamps, out of foam.

I will share how and what I made them from, I’m quite pleased with the results, what's good is that you can make any design you want, and this method was really cheap to do.  I look forward to making some more.

I have also been experimenting with painting on fabrics, got some cheap t-shirts these have still got some designs to be sewed on the front, but here they are so far!

Journalling is something I've always done but stopped for a while, picking it back up and decided to try out the two pages spread 7 day journal so will let you see an example at the beginning of next week. If you want to see some examples by other artists check out Karenika and Judy Wise

Finally I have been reviewing some of the courses I’ve done over the past year and how I’ve applied the learning from them in my work. The last course I did was Soul Restoration 1, back in January. There is another course running on on 26th July so check it out. You go on an amazing journey of discovery. I can’t recommend it enough, there are so many insights and ‘ah ha' moments, you will definitely be blessed. The journey you go on is a love one, you are always dipping in and learning new things about yourself and equipping yourself with the tools you need to unravel and understand those layers we all have. Soul Restoration 2 is also in progress, check out this video about it.

The weeks to come for me are about striving forward, breaking down the barriers, and most importantly doing lots of creative work!....imagine the possibilities!  What are your plans going to look like?

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