Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Change is as good as a rest.......

Taking a break from the London weather, and it seems the unrest that has been occurring over the past few days.  It has been over a week since we arrived in Indiana to see Alan’s family, his niece Yolande and her three children, and his sister came down from Huntsville, Alabama.  I wasn’t sure whether to blog over the next few weeks as  it was a tossup of staying away from electronics or carrying on as normal.  I thought it would be nice to share the week’s events and we are seeing some lovely places.

It’s been a bit difficult keeping up with my daily art practices, with the moving around.   I’m getting in the 365 days of colour as usual, but I guess it’s been because I don’t have access to my usual supplies.  I did bring my inktense watercolours and planned to purchase some of the equipment I wouldn’t normally be able to buy.   

I managed to stop in at Michaels, even Wal-Mart has some good deals on paints...

The folk art paints are really rich; it’s been great using them.

We always marvel at the sizes of the food that you can get in the US.  I have been eating a lot more healthily and ordering salads.  We went to the Cheese Cake Factory and I ordered a salad, what came looked like they used 2 heads of lettuce (and then some) to make along with dressing, and some other things, had to get a ‘box’ to take what I couldn’t eat home, it was enormous, not like the little salads we have back in the UK.

This picture really doesn't give it justice, the plate was about a foot and a half long and at least 6 inches high! Had to resist the cheese cakes though as I am still off wheat, which actually is great there is too much temptation around with all the cakes donuts etc.

Next stop was the NCAA Sports hall and trying out hand at different sports activities, it was very informative and a lot of fun!  

We also passed by the Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Colts, and we had a great tour, looking around the grounds, seeing where the press sit, and learning some of the history about the venue.  

Sekani was excited, but kept it so contained as if he visited the stadium every day.  Later he said he was doing somersaults on the inside:)  

When we finally got home there was a black-out and armed with torches and candles we told ghost stories and the kids got frightened.....

Brianna, Maya and Ayana are all very musical and they promise that they will be showing off their amazing voices by recording some videos on youtube and share with the world, I will be sharing at some point what I managed to capture on my phone.  They harmonise with ease and like I tell Sekani like him, they have ridiculous talent at such a young age.

The Indiana State Fair was all I imagined and more, it was a good taste into the flavours of Indianna, we stopped off to see loggers do their thing, livestock etc.  The rain came down and paused some of the activities but many kept going.  It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see the place at night.  There were lots of scary rides, lots of things deep fried, (deep fried butter? Oreos?...you name it it could be done!

Sekani and Brianna on the flying machine...

Deciding to spend a few extra days was a great idea as me and Alan we were able to visit the Jazz Kitchen where we saw Bill Lancton and MG6 jazz musicians who were very good and enjoyed a cocktail;   

Sunday was spent at the Capitol City church picnic, we had a lovely time and it ended with a water fight.  People had come prepared with their water guns and water balloons and everyone got a good soaking. This is the pastor being chased, the young people seemed intent on making sure that he got soaked.

Our stay with Yolande has been lovely, and her girls are lively and generous with their space.  They have been lovely hosts and showing us around Indiana. Alan's sister came back from Huntsville to collect us and  we move on to our next destination which is Chattanooga.  From Indiana it is a 6 hour drive, back in the UK I never contemplated driving that distance before but I guess for the Americans it’s a way of life.  I am going to make the most of my magazine. 

We've  hit Kentucky and a really heavy thunderstorm which has slowed us down a bit.  Will keep you posted about our adventure, as we've had to detour to Huntsville and leave for Chattanooga in the morning, then on to Orlando, Florida, and we’re really trying to pack as much in as possible before we have to come back.  For each experience I am trying to stay as open as possible, flexible when things don't quite go to plan but making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.  Stay blessed as always!                                                         


  1. Hi Amanda .. loved the post, your news, your travels and your experiences .. sounds a great time - and so pleased the kids are enjoying being together, as you and Alan get some together too .. enjoy!! Cheers Hilary

  2. I loved all that you shared and experienced! It is such a wonderful way to take in the day, let it unfold and happen and then go with the flow.
    I so love this idea ;D
    Great photos; looks like it was a magical time! So happy for all of you!


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