Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Battery Recharged

You can't get to wonderful without passing through alright...Bill Withers

I feel like a mermaid....some retail therapy with my sister-in-law in Florida
 (thought I might as well try on!)

We came back from our holidays on Saturday 20th August, and its taken me this long to get back into some sort of routine.  I had hoped to keep updating of our journey and adventures while we were there, but without internet connection in some places and so much to see it became an 'I'll do it later' promise. 

I have hundreds of images to go through as well as emails, things that were put on hold and of course to refocus on creativity and direction.  The one thing that has been constant is the 365 days of colour, I was thinking of reworking it to post once a week starting from Monday 5th Sept, and you will get the weeks worth of colour, scriptures, quotes and reflections to dip in and out of - going to see how it goes whilst keeping in line with my original objective of injecting colour on a daily basis and less posts for your inbox!  I'm also thinking about other challenges to set myself as time goes on, but we'll see how it goes.

We had a blessed time on our holiday, which seems such a distant memory.  We travelled to Chatanooga,

Seeing many things along side, the Chatanooga choo choo, Ruby Falls,

The beautiful views at Look Out mountain....

We sailed on the Southern Bell along the river that you can see. We then pit-stopped in Huntsville which is where my sister-in-law lives along with her husband and Dexter the dog - who was actually quite sweet!

After flying down to Florida did the malls and the theme parks.... 

One that I would definitely go back to is Epcot, we spent 8 hours there and it still wasn't enough time and did not see everything.  
View at night just before the fireworks

There was a more educational slant to this theme park for those who haven't been, but using fun games, rides, and experiences, and learning about different cultures around the world....

Stopping by Morroco!

Advances in agriculture - Ginger plant

We took time out to rest and drove down to spend time on the beach in Sarasota. Sekani took part in a race that was happening on the beach with the locals..

I spent my time relaxing, reading and making sand sculptures, here is my futuristic city - along with its underground roads....

Overall spending time with family and not only doing the tourist thing but actually becoming part of their daily routine was a great stress free way of seeing a different part of the world, whilst recharging those batteries.  I also had my birthday when coming back, going to treat myself to a massage!  In the coming weeks I will share about creative projects that I am working on, reviews that I have been doing and much more.

Our prayers go out to those who are now in the throws of hurricane Irene and the massive amount of damage occuring through the floods, if your able to support any initiative of help for those affected please do.

Stay blessed!


  1. Hi Amanda .. sounds like you had a lovely time - and that is the main thing .. did some relaxing, sight seeing - now Epcot is somewhere I'd love to visit ..

    Welcome back to a coolish UK .. cheers Hilary

  2. We spent 8 hours at epcot too and it was not lomg enough. In fact we missed our bus ride and had to make extra arrangements.
    I'm happy to hear you all had such a good trip. I was at the Sarasota beach on a sunday night in the spring at twilight a few years ago. It was beautiful to see the sun go down and they had people playing conga drums and all.

  3. I like your post. "Retail therapy" - never used those words together and I like them. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Hi Hilary, we did have a blessed time, in some ways its good to get back to get on with things.....

    Anthony, sunsetting on the beach must have been lovely!

    Peaches...your welcome,


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