Thursday, 15 December 2011

Try Something New - December Challenge Update

The first two weeks of my Try Something new challenge has passed.......

Week 1
In the first week of the challenge I began to feel slightly despondent wasn't sure why.  It was something I wanted to do, I still got up and wrote a minimum of 100 words, more often than not doing 500+ words, but there was still a feeling of a dark cloud hanging over me and I was dissatisfied.  I realised there were a few reasons for these feelings:

  • I didn't take stock of the previous challenge in November.   I had been doing my walking one and the Art every day month challenge and dove right into another one, and perhaps I needed a break. It's important to really acknowledge for yourself what you are doing and how far you have come.
  • I had got a cold the last week of the November so was feeling under the weather and didn't offer myself any tender loving care! Being kind to yourself is the only way you can get through, you have to be flexible!
  • I didn't celebrate the achievement of completing the November challenge, it's those little things that keep us going.....Celebrations are key for the end of a challenge, you have to recognise the achievement that you have  made, you have to acknowledge it.
  • I had assumed that there would be bells and fireworks and massive revelation and deep insight into my life, and whilst I learnt many things, again its the small changes that we make that will give us the long term achievements.  Revelation can come in small packages and many of the aha moments can be attributed to outstanding discoveries.  Write down what you learn and look back over time.
I had also felt quite insecure and wasn't sure I could write under the spotlight and the public commitment that I had made, so I got myself all worked up as I approached the December challenge.  Reminding yourself why you are doing the challenge is key, for me there were a series of short stories that I wanted to write and this seemed a great way to find that time that eluded me and see the results.  As long as you remember why you are doing it you won't get phased out comparing yourself to others, and keep showing up for you....  I've got a few other challenges and things that I'd like to try over the coming year.....

I recognised where the insecure feelings were coming from and was able to face the feeling and see what really lay behind the tiredness, anxiety or disinterest.  I may never write a short story again after this, but at least I know I tried and I can cross another thing off that very long list of things I'd like to try. I went out to write in a different location on Monday and had a pick me up!

Week 2
At the end of the 2nd week I am feeling more confident and enjoying sitting down and putting pen to paper and come up with a story.  In the first week I was writing a story a day and managed to do 8000 words!  this week some of the stories and becoming longer than I anticipated and I have done in total 12,110 words and I am on my 8th story.  Seeing it in print like that really does feel like an achievement as I have far exceeded the 1500 words that it could have been had I stuck to the minimum words, I will stop being so hard on myself and enjoy the process more!  I am not going to worry about doing any images yet or editing until I have finish.

I am still walking, I'm not up at 6am but and have fallen into a 'when it suits' routine which provides a good place to break from work and get a fresh perspective.

I am really looking forward to hearing what you have found challenging this month and ways in which you have planned to work it out. With Christmas coming up there are challenges to be had, dealing with the relationships we have and those ones that can be challenging.  Brave Girls Club did a few humorous videos on dealing with these difficult situations, you can check it out.

Most importantly, what is on your art supply Christmas wish list?, do you have one?, what is at the top of yours?


  1. With more writing, we all improve. Don't sweat that one. I can relate to the insecurities though.

    Hope you get what's on your list. I had a few astronomy toys on mine. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your inner feelings with us, Amanda. I know I have gone through that same insecurity and fear of opening my work to criticism. But, as you have also seen, God can use out willingness to practice and will bring about improvement in our writing and art. So it is definitely worth it to follow through with the challenge.
    Have a Merry Christmas!
    2 Encourage

  3. what a journey....keep the faith!

  4. New follower via GFC! You are so creative! I love the fireworks pictures! I never can get fireworks to look good on film, awesome job!

  5. Hi Amanda, would you believe I've only just seen this bog? I thought the media art one was your only blog. As you know I love all things inspirational so I'm super pleased to have found your inspirational treasures here. PS. Thanks for visiting my blog. x :)

  6. M Pax, yes I'm being patient and enjoying the process, I have exceeded my original aim and it feels good just to write and let the ideas flow:)

    Pam, yes I know God has got me on an incredible journey of discovery, need to step out in faith and know that he will go before me! You have a great Christmas.

    Mom to 8, bless you, thanks for the visit

    Abby, welcome to my blog, this is another area that I want to get better at!

    Linda, must catch up soon, great to have you here, much inspiration coming from your end as well!


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