Monday, 12 November 2012

21 Secrets - Dina Wakley

Intuitive Painted Layers workshop with Dina Wakley is all about finding ways to challenge and unblock your creativity, especially when you think you are stuck.  The best way to do this is to play and have fun with your materials, not focusing on a finished piece, but seeing where it leads you.  

As we played we pulled out what we could see rather than what we felt we should see
 I had previously prepared the page with some paper that had been used to punch shapes and then stuck down. I played with the paints using acrylics and charcoal.
I then applied paint and outlined some of the shapes   

 As I played I saw some shapes taking place and worked into them until I got a clearer idea of what was forming

  I added a range of materials to the piece and finished it off by journalling on the page.  

This is a really good exercise that I will continue to do, especially in those times when you feel stuck and in need of some inspiration!  It would be great to know what ways you use to get you unstuck and into your creative flow........Check out Dina's site for more inspiration.
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