Tuesday 20 November 2012

Creative Interventions

I recently took part in some Art Therapy sessions for carers and found it really great to work with art materials in a space and time that was just for me.  It has been a regular feature in my work as a mixed media artist and I would recommend that you give it a try.  In this video I talk about the benefits of taking part in the sessions alongside what I learned about myself and how through creativity I deal with aspects of being a carer.


  1. Hi, Amanda,

    I do believe that creative outlets help us so much in dealing with the stresses of life. Didn't realize you were English. You have a delightful accent.

  2. Hey Joy, thanks for stopping by, thank you for the compliment:)

    @running4him, many thanks, much appreciated.

    Rauf, thank you for the visit, will stop by your blog.

  3. Excellent, Amanda! Your video gives me much to think about. I am not in a caregiving situation myself right now, but I have friends who are. I will definitely share this with them in the hopes that they too can find a way to take time to be creative and in the process, find strength to continue in their caregiving roles. Thank you so much for posting this.

  4. Pam, thank you there are so many creative activities that carers can do to make their role and the loved ones they care for special.

  5. I am in a carer position with my husband, and meeting you have helped me so much. I can feel the love and patience exuding from you as you share your experiences. I am always learning from your experiences,and I truly enjoyed the video.
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Hi Amanda .. I love what you do for your mother, while having that ability to be with your family - it's a tough time for carers ... and mothers have the added responsibility of husband and son ...

    It sounds as though you're carving out a great deal of help for others, while having that door open to give yourself time ..

    I'm not artistic and my mother was bed-ridden ... but through words we were able to communicate a great deal and open doors to new learning even though she was severely stroked - it gave her an outlet.

    I have found that after she died ... because I had the blog and that cross-interest between my uncle, my mother and my blog enabled me to carry on after their deaths .. what I write about and think about is the same when they were alive as now when they have gone on ... I know they'd still be interested and involved if their time hadn't come.

    Thinking beyond the day to day - even if we don't realise it at the time ... is invaluable. I had a future via my writing - now to turn that to something of value for others as well as me ..

    Loved the video and hearing your voice ... you're certainly inspirational ... Have a very peaceful 2013 .. cheers Hilary


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