Saturday, 7 November 2015

Recycled Projects - Promarker Pen holder

When ever I walk into an art shop and see all the great supplies one of the things that I have wanted (needed) is a holder for my pens.  In the past I have dabbled with pro-marker pens and I must do a review on them as they are really great to use.

I have a good supply of them but they were always hidden in my draws and I didn't always make enough use of them because they were out of sight.

They originally came with a set of holders/stands like these - 

but they are not practical for the space that I have taking up too much space on my desk.  I am going to have to find an alternative use for them at some point.

Armed with my new skill for making things out of cardboard and recycling, I decided to make myself one of the stands that I normally see in art supply stores.

I selected the supplies that I had to hand and worked out what I would need.  I ended up using 4 almond milk containers and 4 juice drink containers - obviously you can use the size and dimensions that suit you.

It took a bit of thought to get it to stand the way that would enable me to see the pens clearly while not taking up a lot of space, and I decided to go with the flow and let the final shape evolve rather than being prescriptive as to the look.

I created a section where I could place odd shaped items or pens that I was using at the time on a particular project.  Once I set the intention of what I wanted I began to figure out how it needed to be constructed.  You can literally make so many things out of recycled materials that can be of use around your studio.

I decided to put an additional shelf on the top and then added paper tubes to create a rounded effect on the edges.  It was then covered with paper mache

  I covered it with gesso first then painted it with white paint.  I obtained a great crackling effect using the white household paint

Where I added more paint I got a greater effect.

I then applied gold rub- on in selected places, and then covered it all with pva glue

Here is the side view of the stand with the pens

The top shelf houses the most used pens or the ones that I am using on a particular project.  Because it is made from cardboard it isn't heavy but it is sturdy, which is very important.

Some of the promarker pens came already labeled with the colour at the end, and some didn't so I am in the process of adding the colour stickers at the end of the rest of the pens.

This holder can be designed to fit any sized pen, you just have to decide the length that you require.  All in all I am really pleased, it takes up hardly any room, all the pens are accessible and being made from recycled materials means that it didn't cost a penny apart from the glue and paint....why don't you try it yourself.!

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