Friday 22 April 2016

Transformation Friday - Rest - Mixed Media Art video

Welcome to another Transformation Friday.  I have been enjoying painting portraits and the process that it involves, where we see it come to shape from start to finish.  It is a reminder to me that we are also works in progress, not having yet reached our destination but all on that journey, picking up the lessons that life teaches us.

The painting today reminds me that we need to be mindful of rest and taking that time out for ourselves to allow our bodies to renew.  Those things that nurture us and help us grow can often be found in the times where we reflect and take the time to listen.

'the before'
This is where the painting started out, the 'before' stage.  Come with me on the journey as the story unfolds, the painting makes a few stops, every now and then before coming to a place of peace.

Check out the video to see the process, hope you enjoy it

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