Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Quote Wednesday - Sara Teasdale - and news

Welcome to quote Wednesday for today, and I hope that wherever you find yourself you are blessed and able to be a blessing.  The quote today is from Sara Teasdale and reads:

Life will have given  me the truth, and taken in exchange my youth.....

For me this is a reminder to make the most of every opportunity.  We are learning all the time, and we have to value the process that gets us from one point to the next, and hopefully with reflection we grow and learn.

We all age and get old it is a universal occurrence, just make sure you use the truths that come from this journey wisely and continue to step out what ever stage of life you are!

Want to be motivated each and every week, Quote Wednesday will be moving to my inspiration quote blog from next week. 

Realityarts Quotes!

My quote blog will have a wide variety of images and quotes for you to feast your eyes on!  I hope that you will go away each week feeling inspired and encouraged.

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