Monday 17 September 2018

Letting go of words - The Negative ones!!

Letting go of the Negative Words

After listening to a snippet of a Ted Talk, I stumbled on it and thought that I had book marked it, but when I went back to listen to the rest I couldn't find it.

The short of it was a question which asked you to think of a negative word that you commonly use, and think about removing it from your vocabulary.

What word would you remove and why?

When you remove the word you have to give more thought to your situation.  My word was Insecure, and rather than use that word I had to dive deeper into the situation I was trying to explain away under the banner of 'insecurities'.

It then began to be clear that there were many things that I didn't do because I explained it away as me being insecure.

But when I let go of the word I found that I got to the root of how I was feeling and why, instead of fobbing myself off.

What negative words are you using to describe how you are feeling that you could omit from your vocabulary that only makes you feel stuck and doesn't really describe how you might be feeling.

Let me know what word you will stop hiding behind.  Create a journal page, play with your supplies, or write about how it feels.

If you want to listen to the podcast you can do so HERE

Stay blessed, pass it on and be a blessing!

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