Thursday, 2 May 2019

Course Sale! & 100 Day Project Pastel Sketches - 17 - 24

Pastels 17 - 24 - Amanda Trought

Here are the latest sketches for the 100 Days of Pastels.  It has been quite an interesting week seeing what comes up each morning.  I start the day with a sketch and find that it is a good way to loosen up the creative juices and also get you in the right frame of mind because you have spent time with your inner child playing.

I start each of the sketches with playing with colour laying down what comes to hand.  Some days I might start with a particular colour in mind but essentially it is what ever is speaking to me and I go with it.  I don't decide what I will draw but still look within the colours on the paper to see what images are coming out.  I am amazed at the variety when you let yourself be free.

Playing about with pastels - Check out Amazon 
The other thing that I wanted to share with you is the Mixed Media Play Date.  It is in full swing and we are having a wonderful time creating.

 Mixed Media Play Date

I am constantly trying to push the boat out and experiment with the different supplies and as a teacher learn new things as our learning never stops, and it is great to be able to see the fantastic work that is being done in the classroom.

Here is am image that I did while being inspired with Tiares session.

Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art - Amanda Trought

If you have been thinking of joining the Year Long class, you can do so and get $25 off the price of the course now through Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019. Just enter code: MOMLOVE at checkout to save.

You can sign up for the course HERE and when you sign up using my link I will also be sending you a host of bonuses! You can find out about all the bonuses HERE (Send me an email once you are signed up and I will get them sent out to you.)

I hope you are enjoying the creative challenge that you may have been doing and I look forward to hearing from you.

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