Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Chocolate Rain - Review - 100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care

 Chocolate Rain Review

Welcome to the blog today.  I am reviewing the book called Chocolate Rain - 100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care.  I found the book to be a great resource and definitely one that you should have on your bookshelf, and be your 'go-to' resource.  I will be updating with the video if you would like to see the chapters and get a feel for the book.

As well as a key resource the book also encourages you to create a list of your own activities and the chapters help you in achieving this.  You don't have to be actively creative to develop the ideas in this book, but high chances are you will end up creative and that's great!

Check out the podcast episode where I talk about the book and share some of my own experience being an artist and carer and developing art workshops and also looking at the impact that art and creativity has on our health and well-being.

 The book is called Chocolate Rain

The book is filled with some really great tips and ideas, and gets you thinking about the things you are doing and how you can be more mindful with someone who may be at varying stages of the disease.  The arts have always played a key role in impacting on healthcare situations in the home or in a care setting, and there are a variety of organisations that work with artists from a variety of disciplines to deliver sessions - from the arts to music, dance, drama and more.

Check out the Arts and Health NHS Network for information on activities and organisations working in the field.  You are welcome to join, it is a FREE resource and if you have any activities or want to talk about your work you are welcome to send me the information and I will see that it gets uploaded.  You can create your own profile on the network and interact with other organisations and individuals working in and around the NHS.

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