Saturday 26 December 2020

31 Art Journals in 6 Days, Journals 1-5

I hope that you are having a blessed Christmas and as we go into the New Year are inspired to tap into your creativity in a new way. 

There are a lot of things happening creatively and I want to make sure you are able where possible to make full use of them.  I am teaching on 3 Courses next year and most of them involve working in your art journal in a variety of ways and I thought I would share the series that I did called 31 Art Journals.

Whilst I have more than 31 it is a small sample of the type of art journals you can create and/or purchase and I talk about the work within, the motivation for creating the art journals which will help you (if your new to art journaling) get an understanding and take away any apprehension for starting.  I will be sharing 5 art journals a day over the next 6 days, if you have any questions do leave a comment.

The Courses for 2021 are:

Life Book 2021 - 20% off using code - FEELHAPPY20

BADASS One Art Journal Special Early Bird price $69 until 31st December

Creative Jumpstart - Early Bird Special price $69 until 31st December

I hope you join us in one or more of the classes, it is going to be great!

Now for the Art Journals - 
Here are Art Journal Selection - 1-5

I hope you find something in the art journals to inspire and motivate and I will see you tomorrow with another 5

Stay Blessed and Be a Blessing!

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