Saturday 27 January 2024

Material Musings: Weaving Big and Dyeing with Wax Resist


Welcome to Material Musings! This week, we're diving into two exciting textile adventures: a larger weaving project and wax resist dyeing with tea and clay.

Weaving in a Bigger Way

I originally created a series of smaller looms and wanted to increase the size so created a larger one from the wood from a canvas frame.  When weaving on a larger scale you can explore the possibilities that come with using a wider loom and thicker yarns. I have used the yarn I currently have and found ways to increase the size which you will see.  I hope you are inspired to try some of the techniques for yourself.

Wax Resist

I have been experimenting with wax resist techniques for a while now and I will show you an easy way to apply it to your fabric in various patterns and creates a barrier that prevents dye from reaching certain areas. You can create stunning designs, and unexpected color combinations.

Wax resist and clay dyed

We'll be using natural and readily available materials like tea and clay as our dyes! This allows you to experiment with unique color palettes and textures. from the earthy browns from the tea and clay, and shades of pink from avocado pits – the options and combinations are endless!

Join the Fun!

Come join me in this Material Musings adventure!  Be inspired, learn new skills, and create something truly unique and beautiful.

So, grab your favorite cup of tea (or maybe some clay!), and get ready to join me in Material Musings! I can't wait to share this journey with you, and don't forget to share your own textile creations with me on social media . I'd love to see what you come up with!

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