Monday 17 June 2024

Embroidery Extravaganza - Stitch your way to new skills and threads of inspiration


Thursday, August 8th, 2024
1-5:30 pm Pacific Time

Creativity meets Craftsmanship 

Embroidery Extravaganza, is a virtual event featuring ten expert-led immersive workshops to spark your imagination and improve your embroidery skills. 

This event offers something for everyone, whether a novice or seasoned pro.  You will be able to connect with fellow enthusiasts, gain new skills, and leave with fresh ideas for your next project.

Embroidery Extravaganza kicks off with a keynote presentation on stumpwork and the art of wireslips, which add stunning depth and texture to your projects. Following the keynote, choose from nine engaging 45-minute workshops, each focused on a unique technique or style including:
  • Explore the magic of hand stitching, 
  • Learn to make creative design and color choices, 
  • Finish your projects like an expert, 
  • Make the most of your notions and tools. 
  • Several Sashiko presentations will teach you how to incorporate stitches into your quilts and upcycled projects. 
  • Learn how to add embroidery to your photographs 
What you receive:
  • Experience 7+ hours of instruction condensed into 4.5 hours with the magic of technology!
  • You can watch the sessions live or catch the recordings
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the event recordings
  • Enter for a chance to win amazing giveaways during the live event.
  • Receive a digital swag bag filled with goodies
Sign up and receive $20 Off using the code ee24reality at the checkout

Come and join us and take your embroidery and slow stitching to another level - be sure to make the most of your discount to the event and use the code ee24reality
at the checkout.

Thursday 13 June 2024

Art Journal Play - Word Plaques


In this video I share how I create my art journal plaques.  They are great for adding encouraging words in your journal and to decorate it as well as also being used for other creative projects.  Check out the video and let me know how you will use them.

Fathers Day Special Sale

The sale continues - get your discounted courses.  The sale finishes on the 17th June at 9am.  Use the Code FATHERS50 at the checkout.  Take a look at the courses available HERE

Stay blessed and be a blessing

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Fathers Day Special - 50% Off ALL COURSES

We are having a massive sale on my course platform and you can choose any course in the 50% off sale!

We thought we would do something special for Fathers Day.  What do you get the Father who have everything?? Why not treat yourself to one or more of the courses and digital products on offer and they get the joy of seeing you spend time in your creative bliss.

The Sale runs until Monday 17th June 9am EST

You have lifetime access to the all the courses and digital products. We have a creativity community and private Facebook group that you are welcome to join, and there are a great selection of FREE courses and creative resources that you can also access.

You can buy as many products as you wish and remember to use the code FATHERS50 at the checkout to apply the discount!


Before you Go..

I am also giving a whopping 25% off all my digital art dolls and background pages on my Etsy Store

Growing Aloe Vera Plants


Come and join me in the creative garden as we look at some of the plants that have had a growth spurt.  The Aloe Vera plants look ready to be separated, but where to put them.

The Aloe vera plant can be used in a number of ways, for beauty products, for your health - as drinks and nutritional aids, and as indoor and outdoor plants.  

Have you grown Aloe and what do you use yours for?
Here are some useful garden links for you to check out:

Grow your own aloe plant - Garden tools - Chair - Garden hand shovel - Garden Gloves -

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