Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday Pick-me-up......Pictures from Barbados

I'd been meaning to put some more pictures from my holiday in Barbados.  As the weather is getting cold and its raining today, memories of the times by the sea, on the beach is fast drifting into the distance.  So this is my little Saturday 'pick me up'

Church on the Beach.  This area is called Bath and the church we visited that sunday had a lovely idea to take the whole church on a picnic and have the usual service on the beach.  We had a blessed time.

Cropover - Spring Gardens, St Michael.  Carnival celebrations, sunshine, soca, good food, lively participants, interesting costumes and more!  These are the only costumes I could find where people were covered up, the rest were very revealing and you definitely got an eyeful!

A shot of my future back garden (I wish) This is North Point in St Lucy

Ok, this is my future back garden!

 There are some beautiful houses in Barbados
Oh my! a bug - welcoming us to Barbados, just as well it was outside the window, it actually looks bigger than it was.
The flowers had a beautiful scent, and there were some amazing colours

Stepping to my own beat!

Coming back from Spring Gardens with the boys after listening to some great music and sampling some tasty food. 

Ok suitably picked-up. Off to do something creative, while I listen to my son Sekani tell me how much he has really done in his bedroom that he was supposed to be cleaning up from this morning! - teenagers!
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