Friday, 17 September 2010

Blogging to bless and inspire

Today is the last day of the SITS Back2Blogging Event!!

Today, our assignment is to answer the question: “Why Do You Blog?” I thought long and hard about it as its taken quite a while to find the style and voice that I wanted to express.  I didn't know if I had enough to say, whether others would be interested or even 'get me'.  I have seen so many blogs that I have found a blessing and very much aspire to make my blog a place where others want to come back again and again, like visiting an old friend. 
I blog to share my views, my inspirations, my life with the ups and downs thrown in and my love of God.  I have felt honoured to read what others have shared and shown a part of themselves in their words. I have found it difficult sometimes to get into the routine of blogging fitting it around life and family -  but I'm getting there! I hope that all who have stopped by and left their generous comments have taken away a new perspective or an interesting insight, and I'm thankful to all the new friends that I have made.
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