Thursday, 16 September 2010

Inspiring Women

There are many women who have for many different reasons inspired me. The one that has had the most impact on who I am today is my mother – Mavis

Throughout our childhood she supported and cared for her husband and 3 children whilst working part-time to make ends meet, cooking and providing a secure home environment. She sacrificed her own happiness and made sure that her children never did without. Growing up I never really appreciated or saw all that she did and it is only now as a mother to a teenager myself that I understand how many sacrifices she made for us, how she was being fair when we thought she was being unfair, when she was thinking of our wellbeing and not trying to spoil our fun, and showed me how she loved me enough not to judge me or label me or put me down.

As an adult I now have a different relationship with her and do sometimes have to remind her that I am a ‘big woman’ with my own responsibilities, and ways of doing things, but to her, I will always be her child.

I am now her main carer, she developed dementia and has been living with it for about 8 years and it is now in the severe stage as she needs 24 hour care. The remarkable thing about the illness is that she developed a whole different personality.

From being quiet she became out going and lively, she has a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious laugh and loves to dance! She knows what she wants and will tell you she is quite capable of looking after herself; after all she brought up 3 children! She enjoys going out and thankfully is still mobile. Where ever she goes she leaves an impression on people and they say they wish they had a mum who at 86 years old was still so outgoing and lively.

We can often take for granted those loved ones that are around us and it’s only when circumstances change that we realised what we had or have. Though caring for her I have grown as a person, I have understanding of the condition, and making the most of each and every day. As an artist I can also see how art, creativity and constant interaction can improve the quality of life. I have been able to work with others who have the condition and seen the benefits of remaining active in their lives.

I try not to let anything worry me, making the most of every opportunity and situation, and see the beauty in the smallest of detail, I also hope I can be an inspiration and a blessing to others.

I put together a short video giving you a bit more information on Mavis. Do let me know what you think.   also check out her riverdance attempt and forgive my laughing in the background and the messy front room!

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