Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I noticed how isolated you can get as an artist when you don’t take the time to venture out within the community.  Trying to spend more time on my art means that you spend large amounts of time on your own, so to fit in walking allows me to get out and about.  I had a meeting to go to today and would usually take the car to the station, as its not as cold as I thought it would be, decided to leave it and start my walk earlier.  Spoke to 2 people I didn’t know on the way, felt the rays of sunshine on my face, and had a brisk walk to the station.

The new fingerless gloves I brought worked a treat and my hands were surprisingly warm. For this trip part of my journey involves going into central London, round the corner from where I use to work so it brings back memories.  The train journey wasn’t too bad, got quite busy but because it’s no longer a daily journey it didn’t matter.  I was able to be observant and take note of the different characters that spend a fraction of their day closer to strangers than they would normally!
Meeting done,  I was also looking forward to visiting one of my favourite shops where I get some of my US magazines like Somerset Studios. 

At Blade Rubber Stamps, they have a range of stamps, papers and many other things.  I  brought Green Craft and Cloth Paper Scissors - I brought some supplies as well,  suppose this can also count as my ‘artist date’......
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