Saturday, 8 January 2011

One Way?

I had originally thought that I would start this in December, but the best intentions can often go by the wayside.   I also thought I would change the title to walking thoughts instead of challenge, thinking that it should be part of my every day, rather than something that I have to overcome ‘challenge’ and fight with myself to complete, although in a way it is!  I guess we all have something, or many things that we are challenging ourselves with this year.....
One Way???!!!!!

I wanted to continue my drive for fitness regardless of the weather, enjoy the scenery and use the time to think about the creative work I was doing and take some pictures of the things I observed on the way.  This this sign came to my notice.  I had grown up thinking that there was one way, though an internal dialogue was simmering underneath insisting that other ways existed.  The thoughts of being an artist was discouraged, inside I wanted to try many things meet new people and many places to go see.  Its took me a lot of reflection and searching before I realised I could give myself the permission to break out of the constraints and shine my light into the world! It’s funny what can come out of a simple stroll. 

New horizons  - 
Here is some local graffiti art that I passed on my walk, not sure who the artist is, but if I find out will let you know they have quite a few bits of art dotted around north london.  I have definitely grown as an artist over the last 3 years and more recently since 2010.  I took quite a few on-line courses last year, Art, Heart and Healing, Flying lessons, Believers Truth, Crafting Your best life - Crescendoh, which all opened up a new way of looking at my art and just making that step as an artist.  Will be sharing some of the work that I did both here and on my website.

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