Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Making Handmade Books

I won a prize draw!  The book came today in the post, Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden (Lark Crafts) Looking forward to trying out some of the projects.  It came with a lovely book made by the author.
I have been getting into making my own books and altering books so its a lovely treat to be able to learn even more techniques.
Another book that I started this week was Wreck this Journal

I used to feel overwhelmed by blank pages either on my canvas or my journal, this book provides prompt for stepping out and getting over the fear by doing random things in it, experiment and see where the adventure takes you....  A couple of the suggestions

Some others include:

Hanging the journal in a public place and invite people to draw on it - could be the start of an interesting project or journal page, Tongue painting, cutting, tearing, writing with the pen in your mouth....and much more..should be interesting....not sure about the tongue painting, might adapt that one...but hey, thats the fun make it what you want it to be....post a couple of pages to friends, get them to do something on it and post it back...or give you some ideas for your own journal prompts.

Some might be asking why regarding some of the prompts for 'wreck the journal', I guess it's part of keeping up the creative process, we often complain about not having enough time and some of the things you can do in the book only take a couple of minutes of thinking outside of the box, and may lead you developing your creative projects further and release a bit of tension :)  It would be great to see what you've done if you have one of these books, or thinking of getting one.  It would also be great to hear about any new techniques your learning.  Stay blessed!
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