Friday 18 March 2011


Took a break from work yesterday to visit my good friend Barbara who lives in Milton Keynes, about 50 miles from me.  she is a fellow artist and I've known her for nearly 30 years! (my... time flies)....I've known her kids from birth and seen them blossom into beautiful young adults.  It was great to not only catch up, reminisce, and laugh, it was also great to share about our art and creativity....She has these Derwent drawing pencils which I loved.  I did a quick sketch using them...(will have to put them on my wish list!)

They are very creamy, almost like a pastel and come in a range of colours

It's so important as creatives that we make time for the other areas of our lives, family and friends.  This is an important part of our lives' as well as taking 'me time'.  Balance was the word that came to me sometimes so many areas of our lives can seem out-of-balance.

Are we moaning about not spending enough time creating yet spend a lot of time watching tv?

Are we looking after our bodies and maintaining our health, or do we splurge on a particular food or 'chocolate'...(chilli chocolate is yummy!)....

With so many websites, blogs, networks and videos, are we taking the necessary breaks?

Are we getting out into the fresh air on a regular basis despite what the weather is like?  Its pouring with rain today and really chilly!

Are we filled with so many creative ideas that we juggle too many at once, surrounded by those new books,  paints, fabrics, paper..... and become burnt out and frustrated when things are not pulling together?  This week I hope to do a schedule so that I can fit in all those areas - work, play, creativity, health, friends, family and 'me time'!

What steps are you going to ensure that you have some balance in your life?.... taking that time to see what is around you, planning, playing, creating, listening and, recharging your batteries?


  1. great questions. Balance is one word that always comes up for me. I've yet to figure out how to achieve it without a struggle

  2. First of all, thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I really like your "Balance" post and the cute balance rock you made as a reminder to keep balance in your life. I tend to give all my time to everyone else and leave little to no "me" time which then makes me crabby and worn out. I think I will make some kind of little "balance" reminder I can see to remind myself of saving some time for ME! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post, lots to think about...
    I keep hearing wonderful things about those Derwent colored pencils.

  4. Thanks for reminding all of us that 'balance' is certainly key in working on creativity...Oh, sometimes I find myself grumbling about not finishing a project, but I can only blame "ME"~!! Love your balance rock...and how you applied it to many of the daily routine...Thanks for sharing and love your 'lady painting'....Happy bloggin'....

  5. Balance is so important. My life is probably out of balance a bit in the direction of blogging these days. After April is up I know I must remedy that situation a bit.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  6. Phoenix, know where your coming from I guess it's the daily practice, letting go of that which we don't need to allow room for that which we do.

    Jennifer, I might have to make a couple of boulders to have around my house:)thanks for your visit

    Hey Topaz, you must try them see what you think!

    Margaret, I have tons of unfinished stuff, its great to be able to go back to things when you have a spare moment and not worry about that block of time to finish all at once, its great to let things sit for a while as we learn something from each stage..

    Arlee, thanks for your visit, definitely looking forward to your challenge, bracing myself:)

  7. Great post. Balance is something I have started working on. Looking at your "balance rock" makes me think of putting up "balance" post-it notes around my house and work, just to remind me! Thanks.

  8. Amanda,
    love your blog. It helps me think outside of the blox.

  9. Popped in from SITS! It's so easy to get overwhelmed visiting everyone and seeing all their ideas. I need that rock!

  10. great post and I love the sketch

  11. I love how your balance stone is traveling with you! There's something so literally grounding about creating art with stones. One of my faves is drawing on them with chalk and then watching it slowly fade over time. It's like the smudges of life become part of the art.

    Also loving your portrait, I work with pastels sometimes too.

  12. Your "quick sketch" with pencils that were new to you is very impressive. And I love your balnce rocks too.

  13. I love your blog, it is very beautiful and inspiring! You're artwork is wonderful. I am enjoying visiting and reading and looking. Balance is difficult to achieve and one thing I think we are always striving for. It is wonderful when you're surrounded by others who are willing to hold your hand til you find it. :) Have a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world.


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